"Jill Powers achieves the mysticism of the orient with handmade paper that she casts into starkly simple forms.  The serene oblong shape of Ms. Powers's "Reverence" has the essence of  an Oriental reliquary.  A single dried okra pod hangs down in front like a ceremonial vessel."
-Review from the Sunday New York Times - July 15, 1990


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  • Jill's new work with Ocean Seaweed Communities is in progress! Upcoming field research trip to Big Sur California with Dr Kathy Ann Miller from UC Berkeley and the Jepson Herbarium!


Art Residency in Salida

It has been almost three weeks here at my art residency in Salida Colorado. Deep into the science research and reading that is foundational to my art. New art forms and ideas coming from the science!  So excited to be working with ocean issues. 

The folks in Salida are incredibly welcoming, friendly, resourceful, and creative. I love the slower healthy pace of life here. The mountain vistas are in every direction and sunsets are spectacular. Here on my last day I woke to about a foot and a half of snow! 

I am so grateful for all that has happened here, and I am especially thankful to writer Susan Tweit who founded and hosts this residency, called Terraphilia (definition: an intrinsic affection for and connection to the Earth and its community of lives.) See Susan Tweit's books and blog.

The Salida Council on the Arts is a wonderful sponsor of the residency, and the board members volunteer their time and talents to make Salida the special place it is. Come to Salida for the annual Art Walk- an explosion of arts on the streets of Salida- sounds like its going to be pretty wild this year- June 26-28.

Cabinets of Seaweed Curiosities

Inside my studio wall of cabinets with glass doors lie an astonishing array of dried seaweed forms. I've gathered these from the coastlines of our country This is one of my favorites- a giant six inch deep mass of tangled life, along with some of the organisms that made their homes there. 

I've been researching and reading about the way seaweeds provide food, shelter, shade, and many specialized habitats for ocean life. Seaweeds play a key role in the health of our oceans. Watch for all the upcoming blogs on seaweeds, and a major exhibition in 2016. 

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